Make Your Own Graduation Ceremony

For some of us, we go a bit against the grain or we've had an untraditional education path where a normal graduation doesn't exactly make sense. Instead, it makes sense to celebrate your own graduation your own way. It’s a growing trend as fewer people are walking these days, but are still invested in having their own graduation party and ceremony. And if you can’t decide on whether you want to make your own tiny graduation, or if you would like to attend your class’, we say, why not both? But for the sake of today’s blog, we are going to be discussing the advantages of having your own graduation ceremony.

Here at Class Act Graduation, we want to make sure that you have an affordable graduation either with your entire class or in a private ceremony. Check out our class of 2018 charms, tassels, graduation caps, and gowns for your self-made graduation ceremony.

Make It Personal

Having your own graduation may seem like a selfish move, but you don’t see mass weddings or birthdays do you? A graduation is a celebration of your connection with classmates, but also of your own accomplishments. For those of you who like to make your own path, or have a lot of people you’d love to personally thank that were a part of your journey from your first day to graduation, then a personal graduation ceremony and graduation party might just be for you.

No lines, No Waiting, No Traffic

For many people, graduation ceremonies can seem a bit dull. They have lively and inspiring speeches about where to go from here and what school meant for you, but it’s mostly just standing in line, then waiting to stand up and get your diploma, and then fighting traffic back to your graduation party or someone else’s.

Graduation Ceremony Just for You

If you want to wear sandals or a suit with your graduation cap and gown, no one is going to stop you. When you’re hosting and running your own graduation party, you’re able to personalize it in every way. You can have it in a backyard, formal setting, or a nice park. And really, the best part is that the guest speakers are those who know you and can shell out advice, make the crowd laugh, or speak from the heart. You can just gratefully thank people, or even be your own keynote speaker. You worked hard for your grades too. Why should some nerd get the spot?


More than anything, it doesn’t just have to be for you. Like any transition in life, graduations are a time for community and for celebration. Invite the family, friends, mentors, and neighbors. No one gets anywhere alone, and even if you worked four jobs, studied every night, and averaged three hours of sleep, you still had a community behind you.

Your Own or Shared Graduation

As much as this can be a solo graduation celebration, it’s just as sweet, if not more, to combine your festivities with a few good friends. Plus, you won’t be the only speaker and you can spread the attention around a bit.

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