What Side Does the Tassel Go On? A Guide to Graduation Etiquette: Part 2

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you already know a few things about graduation etiquette like how to prepare your grad gown, what to wear underneath it, and what side the grad tassel and tassel charm goes on. Of course, there is much more to learn about graduation etiquette than how to dress, which we will continue outlining in this post. That being said, here are a few more rules to follow this graduation season!

Cheer Appropriately

Nothing can make or break your graduation day like not being able to hear your name when it’s called because the parents of the student who went before you are still cheering, whistling, or blaring their blow horns from up in the stands. Please, please, please give your loved ones a prep talk before the ceremony to let them know that not only is this frowned upon, but that it can also ruin someone’s graduation day. Typically, the principal or president of your school will ask that guests hold their applause until the end, but it’s always a good idea to keep your folks in the loop so they don’t show up with whistles, air horns, and the like. It’s only natural to want to clap and cheer for your loved one as they accept their diploma in long academic robes, but it’s best to keep this to a minimum out of respect for the other students and their families.

Silence Your Cell Phone

Another obnoxious thing people do at graduation ceremonies is forget to silence their cell phones, which can echo throughout the entire venue if they ring. It is understandable that you’d want your phone on you to take photos, meet up with friends, and get phone numbers before you part ways, but the last thing you want is for your phone to disrupt such a monumental time in the lives of those around you. Plus, it goes without saying that Snapchatting and FaceTiming others while sitting onstage is highly inappropriate — whether you’re graduating from elementary school, high school, or college.

Send Invitations Early

Graduation etiquette is not limited to the day itself — in fact, there are many things for you to do weeks in advance such as sending out your graduation invitations, planning your grad party, and stocking up on thank-you notes. First things first, if you want friends and family at your graduation ceremony, they need to know about it months ahead of time so they can request time off from work, school, or any other obligations. There is nothing worse than receiving a graduation invitation from a loved one just a week or two out from the ceremony and not being able to make it, so please don’t put your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, or family friends in this situation. Also, be sure to ask for RSVPs so that there are no surprises or disappointments.

Hand in hand with sending graduation invitations early is remembering to provide food and drinks at your graduation party. Odds are, everyone will be tired and hungry after a long graduation ceremony and will be relying on you to have something to snack on afterward. It’s all part of the graduation tradition, much like weddings, to play host to the guests who are giving you cards, gifts, and money, so be sure not to drop the ball when it comes to refreshments. That being said, also remember to have a notepad at the ready to jot down what gifts you were given and from whom so you can mail thank-you cards a week or so later. This is somewhat of an unspoken rule that has lost some traction in the last decade or so, but showing your hand-written appreciation for the things you were given goes a long way in the age of technology.

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