Why Is Graduation Gear So Expensive?

Across the country, from highschools to universities, graduations commence every spring, summer, and winter. Of course, the largest ceremonies are in the spring with the traditional year-end walk in the warm rays of the May sun. For many, this is a time of celebration, but with real expenses. Even simply renting a plain graduation cap and gown can run more than $20, and further graduation party costs can run in the hundreds. If you want to buy your gown as a momento, they run in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars for some doctoral graduations. And then there are other costs that can be thrown in with individual items or packages. A diploma frame is an extra $20 or more. This nickel and diming of graduates and their families is led by large companies that have binding contracts with schools that only advertise their graduation apparel and grad gear to sell items that are artificially marked up to obscene amounts.

Often times, students and parents, especially of university graduates, are up to their eyes in debt. They are saving to afford qualification exams, or applications to post-secondary education, on top of looking for a job.  

Even in highschool and elementary school graduations, the markups have climbed and continue to climb. We of course, applaud rewarding the hard work and achievement of children and believe that it’s key to encouraging further academic achievement. But, we believe that this can happen in a far more affordable way.

In fact, our own experiences with graduations led us to start asking questions that later led to our company, Class Act Graduation. When we found out how little the big graduation apparel companies were paying for graduation gear from producers, we decided that the markups were too high, and we had to do something about it. There used to be only two options for a graduate or graduate’s family when looking at the costs of walking with a gown. You can either walk, or not walk. Now, Class Act Graduation and other companies are breaking that mold.

If you are in need of graduation caps and gowns, a 2018 tassel, or any number of other grad gear, than Class Act Graduation is your one-stop-shop. We have excellent customer service, and are ramping up to make your 2018 graduation ceremony an affordable one. Browse our wide selections for 2018 graduation charms, keepsakes, necklaces, thank you cards, and much more.  

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