Why Walk at Graduation?

These days, graduations can be expensive affairs, but they are important markers in life to recognize. They are the culmination of years of work, diligence, and discipline, and encourage continued achievement inside and outside of the classroom.  It’s a question of how to celebrate and has a range of pros and cons to consider. For many, the question of walking is a clear yes. For others, it is more complicated and can be heavily tied to their finances. Here at Class Act Graduation, we will be covering the pros and cons of walking at graduation.


Walking Connects You to the Time-Honored Traditions of the Past

The tradition of walking at graduation has been around since the 12th century when the first universities in Europe began. Here in the United States, we follow that same tradition. It goes back to when the great minds of the renaissance helped bring Europe out of the dark ages, and begin to spread education. By walking, you are acknowledging a lineage of tradition and the passing on of information, knowledge, and skills, that brought Europe out of their darkest times and, eventually, helped spread ideals of equality and rationality around the world.

Walking Connects You to Your School, One Last Time

For many, attending university is an extravaganza of school pride, studying, building friendships, and exploring life. Leaving it can be a bittersweet time. It’s the end of a special time that many are ready to leave, but almost all will miss in some regard. Walking is the last time many will be around their academic peers and in the company of their professors, who taught, guided, and mentored them, to achieve the greatness that graduation represents. It’s a chance to revel in the shared identity of your time together and the shared excitement for what comes next. Walking gives you closure. Walking can be a powerful way to “put the period at the end of the sentence,” as it were. It’s the culmination of all those long nights, research projects, papers, and adventures with friends. For many, that is a relief. For others, it is a bit sad. But for all, it’s a chance to finally and firmly, call this stage in life complete, whether you’re graduating from highschool or you've just completed a doctorate.

Walking Pairs Well With Parties

After the graduation ceremony, there is oftentimes a built up energy and a sense of relief. This is in part from having sat for hours at a desk, and in part from the size of the occasion. But that energy and excitement can be channeled right into a graduation party with ease. Get the drinks, fire up the grill, and enjoy this big event. If you are looking for the perfect graduation gift for your student, then Class Act Graduation has you covered. We offer a range of graduation apparel, grad gear, and graduation gifts for parents, teachers, and more.


Walking Can be Expensive

Some graduations have the cost hidden in your tuition, but most charge before hand, with prices that are marked up based on monopolizing contracts—yes, that bothers us too. Simply renting a gown to wear for a few minutes or hours can cost more than the graduation cap and gown is worth. This can be mitigated by getting your graduation gear and apparel from Class Act Graduation, where we sell at close to the buyer’s price so that you can keep what you pay for, and you don’t have to add the costs of overpriced graduation gear to your budget.

Walking is Kinda Impersonal

Walking is more about being in a group than it is about personal achievement. Your big moment is brief. You reach out and grab a folder after your name is called, and then shake hands with your teacher or professor of choice while walking across a stage. If you are one of those people who like to hum “another brick in the wall” while taking tests, you might like it better to just buy an affordable cap and gown online, a 2018 tassel (there are color options galore), and opt to just have a private commencement ceremony at a personal gathering. That way you can give the class speech, give public thanks, invite who you’d like, and have fun with it.

Walking Can be Stressful

Walking often involves a lot of time on the graduate's part. You have to be at the ceremony before it begins, get in line, have yourself well-dressed, and then wait. During the whole process you see and interact with peers to a surprisingly small degree, and you’re regularly lost in a crowd of people you don’t really know. When you are leaving, you have to stay in line to return your robe, then have to actually drive away through traffic to get to your next destination. For some, this can be stressful, and should be weighed against what it means to them, and how they want to end that chapter of their academic life.

So there you have it. You can weigh the options yourself. The biggest question is how do you want to celebrate the success? No matter how you celebrate it, here at Class Act Graduation, we want it to be affordable. We encourage you to save on graduation apparel and gear with our affordable graduation caps and gowns, 2018 tassels, 2018 charms, graduation gifts, diploma folders, and more. Browse our selection today!

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